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What is a Penny Party

Sunday, October 2, 2022 6:54 PM

What is a Penny Party!

Oct 22 at Haycock Township Community Center, doors open at 5, games begin at 6:00 PM

Bags of tickets (with unique number/color) will be sold (1000 or 2000 count)

Penny Party Prizes range from gift cards to local businesses to household goods to holiday decorations. Chances on items range from 5 tickets to 30 tickets.

Items will be passed down the middle of the table on a tray that contains both the item (or an image of the item if the item is oversized) and container labeled with the number of tickets required to place a bid. To bid on an item, place the amount of tickets into the labeled container. Ex. If an item is labeled as 25, and you want to take one chance, place 25 tickets into the container. If you would like to take two chances, place 50 tickets into the container. After the item makes its way through all of the tables, a ticket will be drawn and announced as the winner for that item and the item will be delivered to you.  Items will continue to be passed along, as prizes are announced.